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The Holistic Stress Solution x Sage

The 12-week holistic educational course to help individuals transform their relationship with and experience of stress in a community setting. 

Who It's For:

The Holistic Stress Solution is for people who:

  • Have been feeling the weight of stress and possibly anxiety affecting them. 
  • Would like step-by-step directions on how to fundamentally change their response to stress.
  • Want to increase their stress resilience. 
  • Are feeling run-down, tired and overwhelmed. Feeling energized and ready to step into your day with confidence.
  • Perhaps noticing physical manifestations of stress like weight gain, period problems, low energy or digestive issues. 
  • Are ready to understand your specific stage and type of stress and how to tackle that long-term.



  • Feeling energized and ready to step into your day with confidence.
  • Understanding your specific stage and type of stress and how to tackle that long-term.
  • Regulate the nervous system to support a more more balanced level of arousal.
  • Balancing hormones: from cortisol to insulin to sex hormones. 
  • Support adrenal function so you can avoid getting to the point of burnout where you can no longer show up at home or work the way you want/need to. 
  • A module deep understanding of cycle/menstrual health  so you can feel empowered about your health.
  • Ultimately, knowing your worth and being able to show up as the happiest and healthiest version of you. 


The CONTENT: The 4 Pillars:

  • Mindset + Neural Rewiring: changing how you percieve yourself and the world around you to reduce stress. 
  • Nutrition Energy Rebalancing: fueling yourself specifically to reduce the stress response (this also means reducing inflammation, balancing blood sugar, balancing hormones). 
  • Nervous System Reset: tools to turn to and routines to implement to keep your nervous system out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. We use Heart Math™ techniques which have 3 decades of evidence based techniques to support nervous system regulation. 
  • Hormone Alignment: Leverage your hormones to work for you.  

How It's Broken Down

  • Short and sweet (no more than 12 minutes) weekly audio lessons on that week’s topic.
  • Handouts to help guide that week’s topic/action task.
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch/dinner and snacks specifically tailored for the stressed/anxious person [woman] to optimize all hormones and nervous system.
  • Checklists for enhanced accountability. 
  • Modules included for people with periods to harness your stress and sex hormones (sync your cycles). 



  • Lifetime access to the online course that has weekly modules containing audio lessons, handouts, recipes etc. PLUS any future modifications the program my undergo. 
  • A structured system that takes you step-by-step through each pillar of health for this group without it being too time consuming. We know you're busy. 
  • Access to weekly group calls to ask questions, be supported by a like-minded community, keep you accountable and have meaningful discussions.
  • Access to the private Facebook group for additional community support.
  • If you sign up for HSS Intensive: 3 one-to-one sessions with one of our amazing ND's to help facilitate your success in the program and give you an individualized component.


This course acts as a guide; you do get out what you put in! 

Note: We welcome EVERYONE. This is an inclusive space and we ensure that you feel safe here. If this isn't a core value of yours, another program might be more suitable!

What happens when I purchase the program? 

  • You will get direct, immediate access to the course. Check your email for an email from Village Naturopathy and Kajabi. If it's not in your inbox, check other tabs or spam. 
  • You will get a receipt email to you.